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What’s The Thing That Hangs Over A Baby Crib?

When you’re getting a nursery ready you need to think of everything. And yes there are a lot of things a baby needs. Clothes, diapers, baby wipes, toys, a stroller, and probably most importantly a crib.

When you go crib shopping you probably notice that most cribs you see in stores have something hanging from above, so you can’t but wonder: Those things that hang above cribs-what are they? 

Main Points

  • The things that hang above cribs are called mobiles.
  • They are not just for decoration.
  • Mobiles play a big part in the baby’s early stages of development.
  • They are usually taken down after the 6-month mark
  • They can entertain your baby or even help it fall asleep.

Things that hang above cribs – what are they?

The things that hand over a crib are called mobiles, or cot mobiles if you’re in the UK. They are shiny and colorful additions to your nursery that all babies love. Not only that, but they are a big part of the baby’s development in the first few months of their life. 


Mobiles are totally optional. Some parents maybe skip or overall forget about getting a mobile in all the chaos that is getting a nursery ready before the baby comes. This is fine, but mobiles do have some benefits to them that may change your mind about purchasing one for your young one. 


A baby’s first months are very important in their brain development. This is the time when your baby is first introduced to the world around it and it’s exploring and learning every day. Having a mobile will help your baby get exposed to different shapes, sizes, colors, and even some noises. 

When your baby is exposed to new stimuli, this creates new wave paths in the brain that allow your baby to learn about the world around it. 


In the first few months, all the baby does Is lie down. Steering at a blank ceiling won’t do much when it comes to visual stimulation. Your baby’s brain develops as it gets more stimuli, visual ones are especially important because they activate a certain part of the brain that is crucial for development. 

A Baby’s brain is not yet structured like an adult brain, so it needs simple visuals to get a reaction. Make sure that your mobile has different colors and shapes so that your baby gets the most powerful visual signals that are good for infant brain development.


Small babies have no coordination in space. They can’t grab or reach yet, so this is where a mobile comes in handy. Movement of the eyes while following the shapes above its head leads to the development of good motor skills. 

Also, eventually, your baby will start trying to grab the toys above its head which leads to the development of coordination. Remember that at first, your baby has no idea it can control its little hands to grab something, and a mobile is a nice way to introduce this skill to it. 


Most mobiles often play music or white noise that can aid your baby to fall asleep. This is a handy feature if you’re tired of rocking your baby and singing lullabies. 

Also, white noise is often relaxing for the baby, so after some time of it looking at the shapes on the mobile, just turn on the speaker and see if your baby falls asleep. This can turn into a constant night routine that works for both the baby and the parents. 


Let’s face it, if you’re in a small crib all day and all you do is look at the ceiling, you’ll probably get bored and cranky too. A mobile is fun for the baby to look at and can provide your baby with entertainment while you do something else around the house. 

Most mobiles have detachable toys on them, so you can rearrange them as often as you want. A small change for you can be very interesting for a small baby. 

Safety precautions

Mobiles are designed to be hung above a crib and they are generally safe to use. However, you should be mindful of some aspects in order to keep your baby out of harm’s way.


Makes sure that the mobile is placed high enough so your baby can’t reach it. Keep in mind that your baby will start to roll over and stand up to try to grab the toys. 

Also, you don’t want to hang the mobile too high, otherwise, your baby won’t be able to see the shapes and colors well. 

A general rule is that you should hang it around 16 to 20 inches from the baby. The hanging shapes should end around where the edges of the crib are.  


Makes sure that all the toys are attached safely. Some mobiles have removable toys so you can rearrange them or add ones you’ve purchased separately. 

Make sure that they are well placed in their place and that there is no risk of them failing and hitting your baby. Keep in mind that mobiles move around so the accessories need to be extra secure.


While it is good to have contrasting colors on the shapes of the mobiles, you need to make sure that they don’t have any reflective accessories. Some toys may have a shiny surface that can reflect light into your baby’s eyes. 


Make sure that the mobile isn’t too loud. Also, see your baby’s reaction to the sound that’s playing. Some babies need a quiet room to fall asleep, so even if you do put on music to help them sleep, it might be doing the opposite.

 If you want to teach your baby to fall asleep in louder environments in order to make its life easier in the future, make sure that the noise from the mobile isn’t too loud at first. 

When should I put up a mobile?

When should you stop using a mobile has been long debated. Generally, parents put it up as soon as the baby arrives and take it down when the baby turns 6 months old. 

This is however completely up to you.  It is very important that you keep in mind that the baby will start to move around much more after 6 months so you need to make sure that the mobile is out of reach so you won’t wave a choking hazard. 

What kind should I get?

The kind of mobile you should get is completely up to you. You can match it to your nursery, get a gender-neutral one if you’re planning on having another baby, or stick to the classic pink for girls and blue for boys. Here are some suggestions. 


The thing that hangs above a crib is called a mobile. There are a lot of different models of mobiles out there, so you’re probably thinking that this is just another toy that you have to spend money on.

A mobile is more than a toy, it’s a helpful accessory that can provide your baby with a censor stimuli and some entertainment while it’s still to young to play with toys. It can also be a parent’s best friend when it comes to putting your baby down for a nap.  

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