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Spectra S1 vs. Motif Luna: Which Is Better?

Choosing a breast pump isn’t a walk in the park; there are many different models in the market, and all are amazing in their own way. However, there are two names that many new moms cannot decide when choosing a great breast pump. Those breast pumps include Spectra S1 and Motif Luna!

Spectra S1 vs Motif Luna! Who are they? Their features? How do they compare? In this article, you will find the answers to these questions and more information regarding these two breast pumps!

Main Points

  • Spectra S1 and Motif Luna are two amazing breast pumps used worldwide from mothers that have low milk supply!
  • In terms of portability, Motif Luna earns one of the first places!
  • Massage has never been better! Spectra S1 works at a perfect speed.
  • Spectra S1 and Motif Luna are very quiet breast pumps; you can use them day and night.
  • Being hospital-grade, Spectra S1, and Motif Luna are very powerful. 

Spectra S1 vs. Motif Luna – Meet the Breast Pumps

Before diving into details, I want to introduce to you both of these amazing breast pumps. What are the key features, what accessories do they have, and whether they are favorites for moms worldwide? Read on to find out more!

Spectra S1 hospital grade breast pump

Spectra S1 is one of the most famous breast pumps worldwide, and it is one of the favorite devices to use for most moms, especially the new ones, it is considered as a hospital grade pump

Spectra S1 owns a lot of features within, but the most amazing one that is known is the battery which is rechargeable. Also, this breast pump is super-portable and it comes with you wherever you may go.

Something worth mentioning is the fact that this breast pump is a bit pricey but still, one of the most used breast pumps by moms.

Accessories Included: 2 milk bottles, two duckbill valves, two tubes, two bottle nipples, two 24mm breast shields, two 28mm breast shields, two backflow protectors, and a 12V charger.

Motif Luna Breast Pump

Motif Luna is known to be one of the most powerful breast pumps one can find and yet it is very easy to use.

A unique feature that this breast pump owns is the powerful motor and its quietness. When in use, you will notice that this breast pump won’t make any noise and it doesn’t bother anyone!

Accessories Included: two 24mm breast shields, two 28mm breast shields, two diaphragms, two valves, two milk bottles, two bottle caps, two container covers, two tubes, and a power adapter.

Spectra S1 vs. Motif Luna – Main Differences

As you are here to find out and compare Spectra S1 vs. Motif Luna, I will add some of the main things where they differ from one another!

Design, Size, and Weight

The first spotting difference in these two breast pumps stands on their bodies! In terms of size, Spectra S1 is smaller when compared to Motif Luna but still, if you check them as a whole, you will find them pretty similar in the color choices, white and blue.

Yet again, Motif Luna stands as one of the lightest in-weight breast pumps ever made. Based on that, you will find the Motif Luna breast pump better when it comes to portability.

SpecificationSpectra S1Motif Luna
Dimensions7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches10.5 x 9.5 x 8 inches
Weight3.3 pounds2 pounds

Vacuum Strength

Another key difference is that these two breast pumps have different vacuum strengths or levels.

Spectra S1 works at 270mmHg when it comes to sucking the breast milk out of the breast and Motif Luna is stronger and works at 280mmHg. I know that the difference in numbers isn’t very big, but still, Motif Luna is one step further.

SpecificationSpectra S1Motif Luna
Vacuum Level270mmHg280mmHg


For a mom who is breastfeeding, massages are very important and both these breast pumps own one massage mode each. The massage mode earned a place in the list of differences just because Spectra S1 has a better speed, which works at 70cpm; meanwhile, Motif Luna works at 60cpm.

SpecificationSpectra S1Motif Luna
Massage Modes IncludedOneOne
Massage Speed70 CPM60 CPM

Noise Level

Spectra S1 and Motif Luna and all other breast pumps have something worth mentioning and it is related to the noise that they bring out. Now, first and foremost, both Spectra S1 and Motif Luna are quiet when working but they have different noise levels in decibels.

Spectra S1 is a bit louder when compared to Motif Luna but at only two decibels.

SpecificationSpectra S1Motif Luna
Noise Level45 dB43 dB

Spectra S1 vs. Motif Luna – Some Similarities

Just like Spectra S1 and Motif Luna differ from one another, they also have their similarities!


Spectra S1 and Motif Luna are both electric devices that come with an adapter for power! Both of the adapters that these two breast pumps include are 12-Volt.

Hospital Grade

When you see hospital grade in a breast pump, you should know that it is related to the motors that the pump owns! Both Spectra S1 and Motif Luna have super-powerful motors which most of the time are used in a hospital setting.

With these two breast pumps in your hands, you will find impressive power.


The controls of these two breast pumps are found on the top part! It is essential to mention that everything you do will be shown on the LCD screens that these two breast pumps have. The screens are very accurate and precise.


I know the issue of not being able to wash breast pump pieces easily, but with these two breast pumps, Spectra S1 and Motif Luna, you won’t be dealing with that issue.

Each of the parts of these two devices can be washed in a dishwasher, of course, besides the tubes and the device itself!

Night Light

If sometimes you have struggled with pumping during the dark nights, with Spectra S1 and Motif Luna you won’t have to worry! Both of these pumps come with built-in nightlights.

Final Words

Breast pumps are vital devices for every mom that struggles when it comes to proper breastfeeding; Spectra S1 and Motif Luna are undoubtedly some of the greatest ones to use.

However, if you check what they have you might quickly become a fan of Motif Luna, especially if you consider the vacuum level as the key feature.

Both of the breast pumps I compared in this article lead to using the most amazing devices a mom needs!

I hope that in this article you have found everything you needed to know regarding Spectra S1 vs. Motif Luna!

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