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Stroller vs. Pram: Which One Should You Buy?

There is no better excitement than when you are waiting for your baby to arrive; I am saying this based on my own experiences.

It is the best feeling in the world, but there are also many things that you have to consider and purchase for your infant. Two of those things are strollers and prams since they are the main items you will need.

Deciding on which one is better, a stroller or a pram is a challenging process. In this article, I will compare strollers and prams and explain the pros, cons, and many other aspects you need to know before making a purchase.

Main Points

  • A stroller and a pram are the two items you need the most for your cute baby.
  • Deciding whether a stroller is better or a pram, is not easy since both have their pros and cons.
  • A stroller is more versatile and has many interesting features; you can use a stroller for extended periods and in many different configurations.
  • A pram is specifically designed for newborns, and it provides the ideal flat reclining seat for your infant.
  • The usage of a pram is limited, and it has more drawbacks when compared to strollers.


First and foremost, in this section, I will review both the stroller and pram shortly to give you some essential information about them, so you can better understand what they stand for.

Assume this section is like a warm-up before starting to compare the two pieces of “equipment” let’s call it since the comparison part will be challenging.

What Are Strollers? – Brief Review

Most of you are familiar with strollers since they are the most popular equipment. Strollers are the main items that you need when you have a baby; especially if you are planning to spend a day out or go shopping or just for a café. Strollers are a parent’s life savers items.

A stroller is a folding chair on wheels that your baby sits in, and you push the stroller to ride your baby. These items are meant to be for babies that are a few months old, and they are specifically made for babies who are already capable of sitting by themselves and do not need to lie most of the time.

Years ago, strollers had only one seat that you were not able to recline and use for a newborn. Whereas, nowadays, many manufacturers provide strollers with reclining seats so you can use them for your newborn as well.

These kinds of strollers are known as convertible ones, and you can also use them as travel systems, which is simply a perfect feature. Accordingly, there are many strollers that you can convert from a single one to a double stroller only by adding a car seat to it.

Strollers are lightweight items, and you can move the stroller without putting too much effort into them. Many strollers are constructed for all-terrain usage and have many other interesting features.

What Are Prams?  – Brief Review

Prams are specifically made for newborns, and they are simply baby carriages. A pram has a flat seat, which is the ideal position for a newborn, and it helps with the normal development of the spine and provides better breathability.

A pram is an item you should go for if you need a carriage for your newborn. Yet, once your baby gets a few months older, a pram might limit your baby’s movement and comfort. When babies are capable of sitting by themselves, they do not want to lie in a pram since they want to see what is going on around them and explore the world; hence they are new to this world, and everything seems interesting to them.

Prams are perfectly built, and they are very sturdy. Purchasing a pram is a great idea, but you need to consider that the time to use a pram is limited; due to your baby’s requirements.

Stroller Vs. Pram – Head-to-Head Comparison

Now I am at the challenging section, where I will compare these two excellent items you need for your babies. Strollers and prams are similar to each other, but they have many differences as well. Using a stroller has many advantages and some disadvantages, of course.

It is the same for a pram since prams are specifically made for newborns and are not versatile items. Anyways, I will mention everything below.

Pros Of Strollers

When compared to prams, strollers are more versatile items, and you can use them not only for newborns but for toddlers as well.

Nowadays, many brands provide extra durable and versatile strollers, which have reclining seats, and they almost lie flat. This indicates that you can also use a stroller for newborns. Strollers, in general, are very safe, and the seats have five-point harnesses to provide maximum safety.

Besides it; you can use a stroller as a travel system as well, only by attaching a car seat to it. Accordingly, a great stroller has an ergonomic design; they are lightweight and easy to push.

Easy folding is a perfect feature of strollers, and they do not take up much place, so you can store them wherever you want. Especially if you love traveling, a stroller is what you should go for.

Cons Of Strollers

Some strollers might not have reclining seats; this is a drawback since it is not ideal for a newborn baby, unfortunately.

Furthermore, strollers have less storage under the seat, so you might not have enough space to put some essential things you need to carry with you for a day out with your baby.

Pros Of Prams

Firstly, the best feature of the prams is that they are specifically designed for newborns, and have a flat reclined seat which is an ideal position for a baby.

If you want a specific carriage for your newborn, then a pram is the item you should go for. Prams have enough space under the seat so you can put there all that you need for a day out.

Generally, prams are perfectly built, and they are very durable due to their sturdy build. A pram is an adequate space for sleeping, and your baby will enjoy taking a nap in the pram.

Also, there are some prams that you can convert to a stroller when needed, but not all prams have this ability.

Cons Of Prams

There are many disadvantages of prams, unfortunately. They are a bit bulky and difficult to store since they do not have a compact design.

A pram is wider than a stroller, and you may have some issues fitting in narrow spaces, especially if you love going to cafes or places crowded with people; a pram is not an ideal item.

Furthermore, prams are heavier than strollers, and maneuvering is more difficult.

Regarding safety, prams do not have safety belts or 5-point harnesses, and this is a real drawback of prams.

Also, the usage of the pram is limited; once your baby gets a few months older, a pram will limit the movements and might not be as comfortable as a stroller.

Final Words

Strollers and prams are the items parents need the most for their babies. There are many great strollers and prams available on the market. Both of them have their pros and cons, the last decision is always yours, and you need to choose one according to your demands.

If you want an item specifically designed for newborns, a pram is a perfect pick, then. Whereas for those who want more versatile equipment, a stroller is what you should go for.

This is all; I hope you liked this article and it helped you in deciding.

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