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Why Do Babies Stare At Me? (5 Interesting Reasons)

Babies are the purest little souls, they don’t know how to fake love or admiration. Have you noticed that if a baby doesn’t like someone, they are brutally honest about it?

Babies can sense people’s energy and aura and tend to navigate toward some people more than others. It is proven that some people attract babies more, which may have multiple explanations. We will get into it deeper and see if there is any science behind those adorable stares.

Main Points

  • Babies learn about the world around them by looking at and analyzing everything and everyone.
  • Babies’ only way of communicating is by staring and crying.
  • Some voices tend to attract and calm babies down.
  • Your energy can attract or push away people from you or to you, including babies.
  • If a baby finds your facial features beautiful, it will always stare at you.

Why do babies stare at me?

Some people have an energy that attracts everyone around them, including babies. For example, babies can be attracted to the sound of your voice, the features of your face, and your aura in general.

Babies are curious, given that they see everything for the first time and learn about the world around them. It is usual for babies to stare; they are learning our reactions, our tone of voice, and how we behave in certain situations.

They don’t know if we are friendly, if we are happy to be around them, or if we are safe. So, they try to study us by looking or staring.

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Curiosity in babies

It is very typical for babies to be curious about the environment and the people around them. It Is very healthy for a baby to want to see everything and know everything; they will even try to imitate you.

That is their coping mechanism with this world, they are trying to fit in, and that’s why we as humans have survived for so long.

We are considered the most intelligent creature on earth because of our ability to adapt to our surroundings. We learn by seeing and hearing; that’s why babies stare; they are fascinated by our facial expressions, voices, and behavior.

So, always be careful how you act around a baby; the baby will pick up the way you are behaving, not the behavior you are trying to teach him.

Energy and Aura

People carry with them their energy and aura, and you can notice this by how the mood in a room changes when a confident person enters, even though you don’t know them.

That is because of their energy and aura; some people are negative and push others away just by their presence.

Meanwhile, other people attract others without even saying a word; you tend to feel good and peaceful around them. Babies tend to notice those things more precisely than we do because their soul is so pure and young; they are not spoiled by the world yet.

So, babies’ senses tend to pick up your energy; if they notice you have a positive aura, they are drawn to you more. They will look at you with love and admiration even if they have never seen you.

Face features

Babies are fascinated by everything they see, which is expected since they see everything for the first time in their life. We would be fascinated if we went to a new place we didn’t know existed in the world or saw new inventions.

Our faces are very interesting for the baby, especially if we have distinctive features which tend to stand out. They might have been used to their parents not having glasses, and if you wear them, the baby will be fascinated with your appearance.

You might have a beard, and they have never seen one; that will make them analyze you for a long time. People’s faces are different: the color of their skin, the color of their eyes, and the shape of their lips and eyebrows.

We are all beautiful in our way; we are all unique, and that’s one of the reasons babies tend to look at faces, they might find you unique and pretty, so they can’t get their eyes off you.


When they come into this world, babies don’t have the communication skills like us; they can not speak or understand us when we talk to them.

Babies’ communication consists of crying and staring; they don’t know which facial expression means what. They study us by staring; they learn that if we smile, it means we are happy; if we frown, something is incorrect.

Babies stare if they want to tell you they are hungry or scared, confused, or curious. They will try to inform you by looking at you constantly or crying if they are in discomfort of some sort.

Their stare might be because the baby wants to have a conversation with you; maybe it wants to draw your attention because they like you and how you make them feel. They might be tiny, but they love to make connections as much as we grownups do.

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The sound of your voice

Also, they concentrate on the sound of our voice, in the tone. Every person has a different style and type of voice. So, babies notice this difference very quickly, and they get curious, especially if you talk in a high-pitched voice.

Also, deep bass voices attract babies; they love the soothing effect it has on them, it gives them peace, and they tend to fall asleep in a blink of an eye. You might have noticed that babies might love a lullaby and then hate it if someone else is singing it. It is not the words nor the song that they love.

It is all about the sound of their voice; some people can calm babies, and others just by telling a story or singing a song. The calm, deep voice gives the babies a feeling of safety and security; that’s why they tend to look at you more if you have that kind of voice.

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Final Words

Babies constantly learn from us; they watch, hear, and imitate our behavior. That is how they know to function in the world. Also, that is how they learn to understand and communicate.

A baby’s look means they are fascinated by your presence and features; they might be amazed at how you talk or laugh.

Whatever the reason, enjoy each second a baby gives you their attention since it is a sign that they are attracted to something about you. And babies are the cutest thing ever, so that’s enough reason to hang out with them and have a staring competition.

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