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Teaching Your Kids To Be Organized

Kids are messes we all know that. Between the time they start moving around the house everything they touch becomes a chore for you because they can’t help themselves they want action. By the time they start going to kindergarten, things get pretty exciting since they are essentially energy balls that cannot be contained, however, you should teach them how to be organized, and make your job easier in the process. On top of that, you are teaching them invaluable skills that will make them more disciplined, self-conscious, teach them a work ethic and responsibility and many more. Today I’m going to walk you through some simple steps that will help you teach your children to get organized and be better humans altogether. Let’s get on with it.

Set Routines

This is the most essential thing that you have to do. You need to establish routines and stick to them, you first then your children will follow. Surprisingly children get adjusted to routines pretty easily so you do not need to worry much about how things will go, just set them and explain to them what should be done. For example for household chores like weekly cleaning, get your kids involved and give tasks to them to complete, and do it regularly in a routine so they get a better sense of responsibility. On top of that when planning the routine get your kids involved and take their ideas, it will help build their planning skills.

Organizing the Room

The first step to help your children at becoming organized individuals is helping them organize their rooms. However, first, off you should take a look at whether or not their rooms can be organized by themselves alone. For example, take a look at the shelves and desks, are they accessible to their heights, and optimize the storage options and help them the first few times to help them get the hang of things properly. Try to make the whole process fun, buy a stereo for them and let them listen to their favorite songs while doing it. I also like to tell my childhood stories to my children and they like them, also when a task gets pretty long and tiring, break it into halves, and treat them with a nice lunch or a movie to motivate them further on.

Children accumulate a lot of toys through the years and it can get quite difficult to help keep all the stuff organized, and I know that children don’t want to give away their old toys, so I would recommend you to teach them to learn to give to charity, and tell them the importance of it, it will teach them to empathy with other children and people, which is always a nice thing.

Consistency is Key

One thing to remember is that consistency is pretty much key to everything in life, and in this issue, it is more than important. Form a habit in your children to keep things organized, for example, teach them that they have to put their toys away once they are done with them and they can’t be laying around. In addition to all this be clear with your requests and ask for just one thing at a time. It is pretty difficult to finish a task when the instructions are clear and you get asked for more than one thing simultaneously.

Be Patient and Motivate Them

Compared to adults children have very small work capacities, and we tend to think that they are not capable of doing some tasks just because they are doing it slowly, however, it is better to invest a little more time now, then to have to deal with your child’s bad habits. On top of that use positive reinforcements to keep them motivated at all times because children want to be valued and appreciated for things that they have done, also make sure to reward them so they keep up the good work.

Teaching Them To Be Clean

This is another important thing you should teach your children at a young age. It’s normal, children get dirty and soaking wet all the time, but getting them a pair of rain boots for toddlers can teach them the right way of playing outside in the rain.

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