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Pros And Cons Of Having a Second Child: Are You Prepared For More Kids?

Having a child is the best feeling that somebody can experience. After the first child, most parents want to have a second child as well, but they hesitate and are unsure whether it will be worth it.

Many parents think they will never have another child, but at some point, it can happen. Expanding your family is always a great idea, but there are always things you need to consider. Having a second child is a huge decision, and there are many pros and cons of it.

In this article, I will explain all the benefits and drawbacks of having a second child. So, better read this article carefully.

Main Points

  • Parenting is very challenging, and you need to put a lot of effort into it to take great care of your baby.
  • Expanding your family and having a second child is always a perfect idea, but you need to consider some things.
  • If you are thinking of a second child, then consider some pros and cons of it.
  • Having a second child will increase the love and joy at your house, and your older one will have a best friend for life.
  • Before deciding on your second child, consider the budget of your family since once your second baby arrives the expenses will increase.

Pros Of Having a Second Child

If you decided to have a second child and expand your family, yet you are unsure whether it is a great decision or not, then remember that there are many pros of having a second child.

I am a mom of two, and when I was thinking of a second baby, I was so stressed, and it was a tough decision for me. However, now I am very thankful and sure that I did an excellent decision since seeing my two children love and support each other is the best feeling ever.

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You Are Experienced

As you have raised your first newborn and you know the stages of how you should take care of a newborn, then things now will be much easier when compared to your first time. You have the experience you need, and you know how to deal with tough situations.

Changing the diaper and breastfeeding, and sleepless nights are things that you got used to, and this time it will be a breeze.

When you become parents for the first time, it seems like you are in another world and you are experiencing something strange, yet the second time you will be experienced, and you know what to expect and what you have to do.

You have done all of it before, and this time you will know how to do it better as well, and maybe this time, you will be able to take better care of your newborn. Due to all of these, you will have maximum confidence and minimum stress, which also will impact your baby’s development.

Sibling Love

Sibling love is another benefit of having a second child. Your first one will have a life companion and best friend. They will share every step and moment of their lives and be able to entertain each other as well.

A sibling is the best gift you can give to your first child even if you are not there they will support and be there for each other since this is how I and my brother do.

Basically, I am writing this article based on my experiences as a bigger sister, and a mom of two, so you can truly trust this article.

They will also entertain each other so you can take a rest and do something for yourself while they are playing and having time together.

You Will Feel Much Loved

You will experience another level of love since the love that a child will show to their parents is something that we can’t describe. When you have a newborn in your house everything changes, and you have a different atmosphere full of love.

A second baby will add more love, and you will feel special due to this. There is nothing special than watching your baby grow and showing you endless love, so who doesn’t want to experience this, right?

You Have All The Tools Your Baby Needs

You don’t have to spend much on baby tools since you will have them from your first child. Tools for your baby such as bottles, blankets, strollers, car seats, and so on, are expensive, so when your first baby is about to arrive, you will need to spend a lot of money on these tools.

Yet, you will have them for your second child as well, so there won’t be any rush, and you won’t damage your bank account for the second time. So, keep all of the gear of your first baby since you will need all of them for your second one.

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Cons Of Having a Second Child

You Will Experience The Tiring Process Again

You have to consider the tiring process before deciding on a second child. Even though you are used to it from your first child, yet again, the process is tiring, and you will feel exhausted.

Sleepless nights, breastfeeding, changing diapers during the day and night, and taking care of your newborn, are the perks of having a second child.

Accordingly, you need to divide your time and also show attention to your older one; otherwise, the toddler might feel left out and most likely will act strange and become stressed.

You will need to put so much effort into both of your children and try to be there for both of them whenever they need you, indicating that you will have less time for yourself and your daily activities.

Your Toddler Might Get Jealous

The arrival of your second child might cause some issues with your first one. Most of the siblings are jealous when they see a newborn in their house and they feel strange. So, this might be the biggest drawback of having a second child.

If you don’t want to experience this issue, then you need to show equal attention to both of the children and try to communicate with your older one and explain that having a sibling is like having a lifetime best friend and so on.

You Must Consider Family Budget

A second child means that you will have added expenses; even though you have all the baby gear, still you need to pay for something more.

So, you also have to consider your family budget since babies have many requirements, and as they get older, the money you need to spend for them increases.

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Final Words

Having a second child is always a great idea but there are some pros and cons you have to consider. Expanding the family is the best thing you can do. The arrival of your second child will make you feel much loved and you will have a house full of joy.

Also, your older one will have a lifetime companion and they will entertain each other. There are some drawbacks of having a second child as well since you will experience sleepless nights, breastfeeding, and many other tiring activities all over again.

Whereas the last decision is yours, and I am sure that you found this article a great guide for you.

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