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How To Babyproof Cabinets (Detailed Guide)

After your baby learns how to crawl and then walk, you immediately have to start thinking about how to babyproof your whole house.

You have to keep your baby’s environment safe. And, even though babies are adorable and look so innocent, they are also curious and want to touch everything they see.

So, you ought to think fast and act even faster. Cabinets are one of the most important household items, so we’ll start there.

Main Points

  • Babyproofing your living space is crucial for ensuring your child’s safety during the first few years of their life.
  • There are a few simple methods that can be used for babyproofing cabinets.
  • Cover cabinet knobs and sharp edges by placing soft materials on them.
  • Place dangerous objects or items that your child could create a mess with out of reach.
  • Lock or tape the cabinets so that your baby doesn’t hurt its delicate fingers
  • Keep an eye on your child and distract your little one as much as possible.

Why Should You Babyproof Cabinets?

One of the most crucial things for your baby is to feel safe growing up. Thus, your house should feel like a haven, a safe and secure place for your little toddler. The toddler who’s so curious about their environment and wants to touch everything around them.

When your little baby grows and becomes not-so-little anymore, you have to make sure to feed its curiosity in a healthy way. And while as parents, the thing we want most is to ensure our children’s safety. So, babyproofing everything around your baby is the best option for this.

One of the most important things is removing sharp objects or liquids that aren’t safe to drink from your baby’s reach. Moreover, baby bumpers can be added, covering the knobs of your doors, or you could even play around with Velcro and sliding locks.

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How Can You Babyproof Your Cabinets?

There are countless ways to babyproof your cabinets. Cabinets are one of the biggest things you can’t really remove from your child’s peripherals.

Therefore, the most effective methods include adding foam bumpers, removing sharp objects, covering knobs, using Velcro, using sliding locks, etc.

Adding Foam Bumpers

The first thing anyone thinks of when they say babyproofing is making any surface softer or rounding the edges of objects so that your little one can safely play around the house without injuring itself.

By adding foam bumpers, your conscience will stay clear, and you’ll be a hundred percent certain that your baby isn’t going to get hurt.

There is always that one cabinet that you don’t really care for locking as there is nothing important in there. However, as children start growing and learn how to open cabinets and drawers, they find it fun to play around with them.

Opening and closing the bottom cabinets that the child can reach is a very fun activity for them. However, does that make you worry that your toddler will open the door and get its fingers hurt by slamming a cabinet door?

Well, no need to worry. You can make your DIY bumper by cutting off a part of a pool noodle and slit one slide. Then, wrap the slit around the door, so it’s out of your child’s reach.

Removing Dangerous Objects

Removing sharp and dangerous objects is also very important. If there are any detergents, bleach, or anything that would be lethal if ingested by your toddler, keep it out of reach and possibly on the higher shelves.

Any plastic bags, medicine, or cleaning powders and liquids should definitely be kept away from your baby.

For your own sake, you should also remove things that aren’t quite as poisonous but are sure to cause a mess that you’ll have to clean up. These include any kind of cooking baggies such as flour or sugar.

If you can’t place these items anywhere else, make sure to lock these cabinets, so your toddler can’t open them on their own.

Covering Knobs

Covering knobs falls in the same category as foam bumpers. Making sure your child doesn’t get bruised should be your top priority. This can easily be completed by covering the knobs of your cabinets.

Say the knobs on your bottom cabinets are a little bit too big and are set at the perfect height level for your toddler to run into. What you’ll want to do is place anything soft such as covers, or something soft, such as something you’ve knitted or crocheted and use it as a knob cover.

An ingenious option depending on how your cabinet knob looks, is slitting a tennis ball and using it as a knob cover. Of course, you don’t have to do that. You can use practically anything soft that you can place onto your knobs.

Will that make the knobs around your house look slightly unfashionable? Yeah, for sure. However, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing your toddler has one less spot where its dainty little head could get hit.

Using Velcro

If you don’t really want to put locks on your cabinets, a safe bet is using velcro. There is not much to it this method. You just have to own Velcro tape, and the babyproofing process is ready to begin.

Velcro is a very useful, double-sided adhesive with adhesive material on one side of the strip and Velcro on the other. Knowing this, you are ready to go to your local Walmart and buy yourself a few Velcro strips. I promise you won’t regret it.

Once you’ve obtained the required materials, you need to place two of the adhesive strips on the top and bottom of your cabinet frame.

Then repeat the process for the side of the strip that has the velcro and put it on the opposite frame. This will safely lock the cabinet and make it impossible for your baby to open it by putting its small fingers into the crevice.

Other Babyproofing Tips

  • Keep an eye on your child to see what their plan of action is
  • Remove small objects that they could eat or put in their mouth
  • Distract them, and once they’re old enough, talk to them about what’s good and what isn’t
  • Make sure they understand the boundaries and what’s off-limit

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Final Words

In conclusion, cabinets are one of many furniture items that should be babyproofed as soon as possible.

Slamming cabinet doors is a very fun activity for your baby. However, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Therefore, making sure your baby doesn’t injure its precious little fingers should be your number one priority.

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