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Nutramigen vs. Alimentum: Where Do They Differ?

Parents usually want only the best for their baby and the process of feeding can become much easier by knowing which exact formula to use.

Very popular formulas for feeding babies are Nutramigen and Alimentum. These two formulas are produced for the purpose of providing the necessary nutrition that a baby needs.

Nutramigen and Alimentum differ in a couple of ways and staying informed about their ingredients can help parents decide which one is the best for their baby.

Main Points

  • Nutramigen and Alimentum are very popular formulas for feeding babies and replacing the need of natural breastfeeding with human milk.
  • The Nutramigen formula contains a high level of protein which is very beneficial for babies.
  • The Alimentum formula contains many nutrients and vitamins which are desirable for consumption among babies.
  • Alimentum and Nutramigen have similar prices, tastes, and smells.
  • Nutramigen has a probiotic and it is soy-free which makes it a slightly better choice of baby formula when it is compared to Alimentum.

Nutramigen vs Alimentum – How Do They Differ?

Manufacturers have been producing baby formulas for many years. This makes it easier for parents to feed their babies by simply filling up a bottle.

Due to the increase in popularity of a formula that successfully eliminates the need of breastfeeding, Nutramigen and Alimentum have been some of the most used ones.

These two formulas for feeding babies differ because of the different benefits they offer, the ingredients that are included in their production as well as some side effects that they can cause.

Nutramigen and Alimentum also differ in their price range which is another reason why parents often chose one or the other.

They also taste and smell different which ultimately makes Nutramigen and Alimentum unique baby formulas that parents can choose from for the sake of their baby.

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Nutramigen and Alimentum offer many benefits and healthy ingredients for babies which may be desirable and preferred by the parents.

The Nutramigen formula is excellent for feeding babies during their early days because of the high level of protein it contains.

Babies require the consumption of proteins even if they are not fed with their mother’s natural milk which can be successfully achieved by the use of Nutramigen.

The consumption of Alimentum is believed to help in reducing stress and excessive crying among babies because of its nutritious value.

Alimentum also contains healthy fats that babies need in order to successfully replace breastfeeding and adjust your baby to the consumption of formulas.


The slight price difference between Nutramigen and Alimentum can sometimes be the determining factor for parents when they want to buy a baby formula.

Both of these baby formulas are considered very costly and a true investment. The reason for this is that they provide all the nutritious benefits that a baby needs and they almost serve as a natural way of feeding.

The Nutramigen formula is known to be slightly more expensive when it is compared to the Alimentum formula for feeding babies.

The price difference between Nutramigen and Alimentum is not huge, but it is still considerable for parents.

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Even though these two baby formulas can offer numerous benefits for your baby’s health, they can also cause certain side effects.

Because of the reason that Alimentum contains soy in its formula, it may cause allergic reactions for some babies. In comparison to Nutramigen which is sugar-free, Alimentum includes sugary ingredients in its formula.

The Nutramigen formula is known to cause diarrhea for some babies after some time of using it. It also contains palm oil which is not the best ingredient for babies to consume.

Although both of these formulas can cause certain side effects, they are proven to be safe for usage among babies.


Babies tend to react sensitively and quickly when they are encountered with certain smells, especially when it comes to the food they are consuming.

Nutramigen is known to have a distinct smell which most babies may find too strong and acidic. The pungent smell of Nutramigen may cause your baby to reject consuming it.

Alimentum is known to have a “cheesy” smell which some babies may not prefer. Even though this formula is effective in providing all the necessary nutrients for your baby, it does not have the most pleasant smell.

When it comes to baby formulas, it is normal for them to have a certain smell. This is what makes natural human milk different from its manufactured replacement.


Babies also have a strong sense of taste. If something does not taste good, babies can immediately start crying and even reject it completely.

The Nutramigen formula is known to have a bitter taste which is usually not desirable by infants and they will probably resent it.

The Alimentum formula is reported to taste very sour which babies do not like and it may make them disgruntled and dissatisfied.

Even though these baby formulas are not characterized as having the best taste, an easy fix can be mixing them with a little bit of vanilla in order to produce a more desirable taste for your baby.

Gut Health

Improving the baby’s gut health is a very important thing for parents to consider before buying a baby formula.

Even though both Nutramigen and Alimentum offer certain benefits, one of them is characterized as containing probiotic properties.

Nutramigen contains probiotics in its properties which separates it from the numerous different baby formulas out there.

The Alimentum formula lacks probiotics which makes it less useful for the gut health of babies.

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Final Verdict

Even though both of these baby formulas are very similar in regards to their characteristics and the benefits they provide with their consumption, one of them has a slight edge.

After comparing Nutramigen and Alimentum according to all of their distinctive characteristics, it has been concluded that the slight edge belongs to Nutramigen.

The reason for this mostly depends on the inclusion of soy in the Alimentum formula which is not the most beneficial ingredient for babies and the Nutramigen containing a probiotic which the Alimentum lacks.

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